Introducing Firmdrex Smart Debit Card Lunch 2020.

Often, potential investors balk at the idea of investing in cryptocurrency because they are unsure of how the coins translate into money that they can use. However, this doubt is fairly unfounded because many top coins like Bitcoin have ATMs located all over the globe. Investors can just punch in their information and withdraw the required funds at any given time that they like. Understanding how revolutionary these ATMs are, Firmdrex is launching its own credit/debit card line that can be used at ATMs all over the world for their investors to withdraw funds from!

What are the benefits of using crypto ATMs?

Although there are crypto exchange websites that investors typically use to convert their coins to cash, the process can take many days and can often be quite cumbersome. Firmdrex’s Cryptocurrency Credit/Debit card offers the perfect solution that helps investors enjoy their earnings conveniently. The following are the many ways in which this card (and cryptocurrency ATMs) can help.

Super quick results: Firmdrex’s ATM cards work in the same way that regular cards do. Once you swipe the card, you must enter your personal information in order to access your account, and then enter the amount you want to withdraw.

Incredibly easy to use: One of the first things that potential investors learn about cryptocurrency is that they require online wallets in order to facilitate the transaction. They must also remember lengthy public keys in order to do so. However, a cryptocurrency card from Firmdrex makes the process of accessing your funds far simpler. Typically, cryptocurrency ATMs use private and public keys, along with QR codes that are all scanned and processed within seconds, letting you withdraw any amount you want as and when you wish to do so!

Better security features! Investors do not have to rely on the internet in order to make cryptocurrency transactions. Once you make a specific purchase request, you’ll be given all pertinent information printed on a piece of paper. In the world of cryptocurrency, this is known as a Paper Wallet. Once of the best things about such wallets is that you can be safe from hackers, since this is an offline mode of storing your information. Keep the paper locked in a safe, and you’ll have the best possible security for your hard earned funds!

High flexibility! With Firmdrex, investors can choose their investments based on their own risk appetite and investments goals. On receiving the Credit/Debit card, they can choose whether to take their transactions offline for more security, or to continue to use an exchange online to facilitate the same. When investors do not have such Credit/Debit cards at their disposal, then they don’t have such flexible options!

Reliable customer service! Firmdrex understands how valuable your funds are to you. Therefore, they also understand the panic or discomfort you may feel if you have questions that are not being answered. In order to ensure that you always feel at-ease. Firmdrex has set up a 24x7 customer care hotline that you can call to get rid of any doubts. The customer care professionals can help you understand the best ways to use your card, what to do if you encounter any difficulties, and where you can find ATMs in your city or country. It just does not get more convenient than this!

Extremely travel-friendly! Many people aspire to travel all over the globe. However, no matter whether you are traveling on a shoe-string budget or are planning a lavish vacation, one thing that often comes as a hindrance is ForEx and process of getting your hands on some cash while travelling internationally. One of the best things about cryptocurrency cards and ATMs is that you never have to worry about such hindrances. A single swipe of the card and your information is all it takes for you to get cash that you can use in the country that you made the withdrawal in.

Extremely travel-friendly.

Incredibly easy to use.

Super quick results.

Who is eligible to use Firmdrex’s Crypto Credit/Debit card?

In order to use Firmdrex’s Crypto Credit/Debit card, there are a few basic eligibility criteria that you must meet. These criteria include the following:
- ● You must have an account with Firmdrex in order to be issued the card
- ● You must be of legal age to be able to carry out investments or transactions without a guardian guiding you
- ● You must have a minimum investment of $ 1000 in your account in order to quality for this card.

Additionally, investors must keep in mind that there is a $ 25 fee that must be paid in order to get this card from Firmdrex. Furthermore, investors must also pay an annual maintenance fee of $ 10. Other than that, the only thing you must keep in mind is that you shouldn’t lose your card! Of course, Firmdrex’s customer care service will certainly be there for you in case you do!

Extremely travel-friendly.

Incredibly easy to use.

Super quick results.

Other pointers to keep in mind!
If you are planning on investing with Firmdrex, do note that it is not compulsory to buy this card from the get-go. This Credit/Debit card is meant for your convenience, and you can buy it as soon as you realise that you would like to withdraw your funds in the form of cash that you can use. Once you’ve decided that you do need this card, all you need to do is speak with a representative at Firmdrex in order to get the process of buying the card started!

About Firmdrex!
Firmdrex offers investors a simple way to invest in cryptocurrency and grow their earnings. The platform is extremely safe to use and very reliable. Investors gain access to a host of options that suit that their budget, risk appetite, and investment goals right on their dashboards, and can choose any one they like. With complete control over the investments you want to make, you never have to worry about untrustworthy practices, shady processes, or unethical financial advisors!